What happened to City CarShare's wheelchair accessible vans?

These vehicles where purchased and supported through a $254,674 FTA New Freedom Grant in conjunction with BART. This Grant was awarded in 2012 and City CarShare has fulfilled their contractual requirements of the grant. Carma has been working with BART and FTA to take steps toward deciding an appropriate outcome for these vehicles and until that process has been completed we were not able to transfer them to Getaround. Carma hopes to have these vehicles donated to an appropriate organization within the community they serve.

Getaround is encouraging Carma and it’s partners in the grant to determine the best path forward for these vehicles including the possibility of hosting the vehicles on Getaround’s platform whether through City CarShare or the organizations to which they are donated. Getaround understands how vital these vehicles are to the people who rely on them and will work however we can to support the community going forward.

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