Washington D.C. Predictive Pricing Bonus Details

In the D.C. Metro area, we are offering a bonus of up to $450 to owners who switch onto Predictive Pricing. The bonus will be paid out monthly, starting on May's owner payout (6/15), lasting up to three months. Predictive Pricing is helping owners earn more each month and we are putting a bonus behind this initiative to prove it.

Here’s how the bonus will work:

  • If you switch to predictive pricing by 5/18, we’ll add $150 to your earnings payout for each of the next 3 months ($450 total bonus). The first bonus payment will appear on May's payout (6/15).

Eligibility criteria - your car is:

  • Available at least 50% of each month during the promotion period
  • Switched to predictive pricing by the dates outlined above
  • Never switched back to non-predictive pricing during the promotion period

Additional details:

  • If your car is temporarily deactivated during the month for more than 24 hours, the bonus will be prorated based on the number of full days your car was active on Getaround during that month.
  • Hours between 12am and 4am are excluded from the availability calculation.
  • If fraud or tampering is detected, the bonus is forfeited.
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