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In the D.C. Metro area, we are offering a bonus of up to $450 to owners who switch onto Predictive Pricing. The bonus will be paid out monthly, starting on May's owner payout (6/15), lasting up to three months.

Here’s how the bonus will work:

  • If an owner switches to predictive pricing by 5/18, we’ll add $150 to that owner’s earnings payout for each of the next 3 months ($450 total bonus). The first bonus payment will appear on the owner’s May payout (6/15).

Eligibility criteria for the car in question:

  • Available at least 50% of each month during the promotion period
  • Switched to predictive pricing by the dates outlined above
  • Never switched back to non-predictive pricing during the promotion period

Looking up owners who have been determined eligible:

  • DC Metro owners will be sent an email notifying them of this bonus program. The subject of the email will be "Get a bonus just for trying Predictive Pricing" or "An additional bonus to say thank you!", depending on whether the owner has already switched onto Predictive Pricing. Both emails will outline the details contained in the owner help center article for this program.
  • A spreadsheet of the owner who switched in May is here.
    • If an owner calls in and asks for details about how their bonus was calculated, first search for the owner's name and car in the Early switchers - May tab.
    • If you can't locate the owner there, search in the Promo Switchers - May tab.
    • If the owner isn't listed in either of these two tabs, they did not switch to Predictive Pricing.
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