Drive with Uber Fuel Policy FAQ

What is the fuel policy for Uber Partners?

All cars must be returned with a full tank of fuel to avoid a $15 Fuel Fee plus the cost of fuel. This policy aims to ensure all Drive with Uber drivers receive a car with a full tank. This way everyone can get on the road to start earning right from the start of their trip.


What happens if the car doesn’t have a full tank of fuel at the beginning of the trip?

As part of the walk-around inspection in the Getaround app, you will be asked to report the starting fuel level and take a photo of the car's fuel gauge. After submitting your inspection, our system will automatically reimburse you for the missing fuel in the form of a refund. If your refund amount exceeds your trip cost, you’ll be provided with an additional promo code which can be applied to any future trip.

What happens if I don’t return the car with a full tank of fuel?

As an Uber Driver Partner, you are responsible for returning the car with a full tank of fuel at the end of your trip. If a car is returned with less than a full tank of fuel, you will be charged for the missing fuel + a $15 Fuel Fee.

What if there’s a fuel card in the Drive with Uber kit in the car?

There will be a short transition period where you still may find a fuel card inside of the Drive with Uber kit. Please do not attempt to use these cards as they have been deactivated.

What if the app doesn’t ask me to report fuel level?

If you’re not asked to report the fuel level at the start of your trip, please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Getaround app. If you’re still having trouble after downloading the latest version of the Getaround app, please send a photo of the starting fuel level via our help center and make sure to fill up the tank at the end of your trip. 

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