How Do I End My Trip

When you are ready to finish your trip and return the car, remember to refill any gas that was used and to leave the interior of the car in as good or better condition than you found it. Ensure the car is parked according to the instructions provided on the Trip page and that you've reviewed all the information in our return responsibilities article. 
Once the car is parked and turned off press the "End Trip" button.
After clicking 'End Trip' you will be prompted to record the fuel level again. Please make sure the fuel level is at the level it was when you picked up the car or you may be charged a fuel fee of $15.00 in addition to the price of gas.
After the fuel level is recorded you will a see list of important steps to take before you end your trip, specific to that car. Check the boxes as you go through the steps and don't forget to grab all your belongings!
Once you have completed all the tasks and checked the boxes click "Lock & End Trip" which will issue the locking command to the car and end your trip.
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