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In order to offer our Renters and Owners the best car sharing experience, we need to draw on the services and expertise of many vendor partners.  Over time we have built relationships and established a list of preferred vendors that we trust to help us with our goal of providing a world class car sharing experience. 

Getaround Vendors Spreadsheet (Source of Truth)

The Getaround Vendors Spreadsheet is nicknamed the "Source of Truth" as this is the one vendor spreadsheet that is actively updated and maintained.  There are different versions of vendor spreadsheets that may be in circulation as over time different teams and markets have had versions created for their own use.  To ensure you are using the most relevant and up to date copy please always refer to the version labelled "Source of Truth".

Some features to note:

  • Markets: Each market has a separate tab on this spreadsheet.  As we add new markets more tabs will be added.
  • Dispatcher: The dispatcher assists with assigning vWork Jobs to Fleet Specialists (FS) and also ensuring vWorks are complete with all the required information.  They also facilitate communications to ensure the FS have all the information they need to complete their jobs.  From time to time the Dispatcher may reach out to clarify instructions you left or to inform you of timing restrictions.  Note:  Not all markets have a dispatcher, in some markets the Operations Coordinator (OC) might perform some of the tasks of a dispatcher.
  • Operations Coordinator "Owner": This is not to be confused with Car Owner.  Specific to this spreadsheet the OC is called the "Owner" as they "own" that tab of the spreadsheet.  Typically the OC of each market is responsible for making sure the vendor information on their tab is up to date
    • Depending on the market the General Manager (GM) and/or OC may also actively maintain the vendor relationships as well
    • If you notice anything that is incorrect or a vendor provides you with updated contact information, please reach out to the OC with the information so they can verify and make corrections as required



Things to consider when choosing reaching out to a Vendor:

  • Notes: Read the notes to make sure that the services performed by the vendor match the needs required for the situation.  If you aren't sure, reach out to the OC or Dispatcher to confirm.  Eg if you aren't sure if a repair shop does body work as well.
  • Hours of Operation: Make sure that if we are sending a car to a vendor that the vendor will be open when the car arrives.  It is very important if we are towing a car to let the tow vendor know when the business will be closing and instruct them that if they are unable to tow it by closing time to call us to let us know. 
    • Some vendors have outdoor lots that will allow after hour drop offs and this should be listed in the notes.  If you are not sure you can always call the destination vendor directly to confirm.
  • Default Payment: This tells us how the vendor typically gets paid
    • Bill Pay - The vendor has an agreement with Getaround where they will accept directions from our agents without needing advance payment and will send an invoice to our Finance Team later on
    • Credit Card Payment (CC) - This vendor requires that a payment be made over the phone by credit card either before services are rendered or shortly after.  You will need to reach out to a Supervisor to assist with credit card payments.  
    • Marqeta Card - This is a credit card payment method used by Fleet Specialists.  Typically they will use their Marqeta card to make payment in person when they drop off or pick up the car.


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