Gas, Mileage, Tolls & Tickets

Tolls, gas, mileage, and other helpful information for when your car is in an active trip on Getaround.

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Renter Feedback & Abuse

Information on what to do if a renter violates Getaround's Community Policies, how to report a renter for potential violations, and how to provide renter feedback.

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Earnings & Payments

Earnings summary, payment information, how taxes work, and other information related to pricing and earnings as a car owner.

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Information on how parking works, Getaround's street parking policy, and parking best practices.

Managing Your Car

How to manage your car's availability, responsibilities as a car owner, and other information to help manage your car.

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Listing Your Car

All the information you need to get your car up and running on Getaround.

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Insurance & Damage Claims

Wear and tear policy, how Getaround's insurance policy works, and other information related to Getaround's insurance and damage policies.

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Owner Policies & Fees

Policies and guides for Getaround owners.