Gas, Mileage, Tolls & Tickets

Tolls, gas, mileage, and other helpful information.

  • Fuel

    Car sharing and Gas In an effort to provide the best car sharing experience for everyone, we ...Read All

  • Tolls

    Getaround Autotoll™ All cars shared on Getaround are automatically set up for Getaround AutoT...Read All

  • Mileage Cap

    Cars on Getaround have a base mileage included with your reservation. Additional mileage beyo...Read All

  • Traffic Tickets and Parking Citations

    As a guest, you are liable for traffic tickets, parking citations, towing and impound fees, a...Read All

Getting Started

Getaround 101, eligibility, and other helpful information.

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Booking a Trip

Walkthrough of the booking process and trip changes.

Pickup & Return

Locating your car, street parking, returning your car and more.

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Renter Policies & Fees

Responsibilities as a renter, and other important information.

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Damage & Insurance

Reporting visible damage, insurance policies, and other information.

Pricing & Payment

Payment methods, how to pay for your trip, and other information

Driving with Uber

Special policies, pricing, payments, and more

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