Gas, Mileage, Tolls & Tickets

Tolls, gas, mileage, and other helpful information for when you're in an active trip with a Getaround car.

Getting Started

How Getaround works, eligibility requirements, and helpful information to get you started with Getaround.

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Pickup & Return

How to locate your Getaround car at the start of your trip, street parking policy, and other helpful information for car pickup and return.

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Renter Policies & Fees

Getaround Community Policies, responsibilities as a renter, and other important information on Getaround's renter policies.

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Booking Your Trip

How to book a trip, how to cancel your trip, and other information to help you through the booking process.

Insurance & Damage

Reporting visible damage, how Getaround's insurance policy works, and other information related to Getaround's insurance and damage policies.

Pricing & Payment

Payment methods, how to pay for your trip, and other information on Getaround's pricing and payment policies.

Driving with Uber

These FAQ's are for Renters who are renting Getaround cars to drive with Uber. Please note that driver partners who are renting with Getaround are subject to some policies and fees that differ from standard Getaround Renter Policies. If you'd like more information on how to sign up to drive with Uber on Getaround, visit